Europe is fun

This is a selection of online resources that may help students to discover and understand Europe. Most of the resources were designed by the European Commission’s representations in the Member States.


EuropaGo is an online set of games that are intended to learn more about Europe by playing. It is available in the following languages:

Dansk | Deutsch | ελληνικά | English | Español | Suomi | Français | Italiano | Nederlands | Svenska.

Euro Kids' Corner

Play and discover an adventure while diving for hidden treasures, piecing together puzzles to test your knowledge. The games are available in:

български | Ceština | Dansk | Deutsch | ελληνικά | English | Español | Eesti keel| Suomi | Français | Magyar | Italiano | Lietuviu kalba| Latviesu valoda| Malti |Nederlands | Polski |Português | Română | Slovenčina | Slovensčina | Svenska.

Europe mon foyer

This is a teaching material designed for pupils aged 10 to 14 years. It was edited by the EC Representation to Belgium and published both in Dutch and French. Contact: Mr. Willy Helin. More

Europe sous la loup (Europe through the loupe)

This publication addresses secondary school students. The first part focuses on the history of European integration, the second part introduces the roles of various EU institutions, the third touches upon the internal and external policies of the EU and the fourth allows students to test their knowledge in a Europaquiz. The publication was published both in Dutch and French. Contact: Mr. Willy Helin. More 

Das Europa-Spiel – Europa im Grossen und Kleinen, in Geschichte und Träumen (The Europe-Game – Europe Big and Small, In Stories and Dreams)

This resource depicts Europe by means of games, quizzes, and short texts with illustrations. The first chapter focuses on geography, second on history, third copes with the 'EU constitution', fourth with the population of Europe. On 48 pages further topics as languages, different cultural symbols, Euro, and cross-border cooperation are portrayed. Published in German by the Europe Direct centres in Austria, the book has been adjusted to regional circumstances and appeared in various regional variations. It became a successful tool which was later translated into other languages (i.e., Hungarian). Contact: Mr. Richard Kuehnel. More

Passport to the European Union

This is a replica of passport for 10 to 12 year old schoolchildren, containing information for each Member State plus stickers of monuments, coins and flags, maps, illustrations and questions for interactive learning and play. . The booklet was produced by the EC Representation in London. Here it is available in low resolution. Contact: Mrs. Fiona Harris. More

Languages take you further

This booklet consists of examples of the languages spoken in Europe with the aim to show how much fun language learning can actually be. The booklet was produced by the EC Representation in London. Contact: Mrs. Fiona Harris. More

Europäische Werte (European Values)

This successful video spot has been produced by aktion europa in Germany. It is a children play touching not only upon the human rights and liberties in the EU. It has been broadcasted in more than 200 cinemas across Germany. The spot is on EUtube. Contact: Dina Behnke. More

Mathias and Amadou

This famous online interactive game was created by DG DEV for all ages about EU development assistance. Here you can download the logo. Contact: Jolanta Zubrickaite (DG DEV). Other DG DEV didactical publications with pedagogical material in all EU languages for schools are available here. More