Links to external websites

This page highlights links to external websites that publish useful information in different formats such as text, sound and video. The information can be used as supporting material for lessons focusing on Europe.

Europe is more than you think

This is a new teaching kit published by the Council of Europe ( Designed for students aged 12 and up, this kit addresses a range of themes reflecting key areas such as democracy, social cohesion, human rights and cultural diversity. The themes are presented in separate sheets for teachers and students and are illustrated by biographies of and quotations from famous European personalities embodying fundamental European values.

All folders and the 'Europe is more than you think' poster can be downloaded from the Council of Europe website. The kit is available in English and French.

Paper copies of the folders can also be obtained by sending an email to Barbara Orkwiszewska:

Quizzes from the Czech Presidency of the EU Council

The Czech Presidency of the EU Council published on its website a set of games that encourage online visitors to check and enhance their EU related knowledge. The games are available in Czech, English and French.

Travel the Universe of Greater Europe

This illustrated album is published by Council of Europe and addresses children aged seven to ten years old. The album is intended to help children discover and explore the different galaxies of democracy, human and children's rights, sustainable development and cultural diversity. Hardcopies (publications on paper) of the album can be ordered by sending an email to Barbara Orkwiszewska (

The album is also available as an electronic file (PDF, 3.5 MB) in the following languages:

From Forefather to Union

Not only children can watch the animated cartoon by Pavel Koutský entitled ‘From Our Ancestors to the Union’, summarising in an entertaining form Czech history all the way to the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2009. Watch the cartoon.

09/07/2009 by: Petru Dumitru