2000 schools are now registered in Spring Day for Europe!

More than 2000 schools have already registered in Spring Day for Europe 2009. Colegiul National "Ienachita Vacarescu” from Romania was the 2000th school to join the campaign. In 2009, the initiative aims to encourage teachers to bring more creativity and innovation into their classes by integrating new learning and teaching opportunities that are offered on our website.

Teachers and students from Colegiul National "Ienachita Vacarescu" consider Spring Day “an attractive and accessible way to promote the European cultural values”.
They also mention that the European Year of Creativity and Innovation “constitutes an opportunity to enhance their curricular and extra curricular activities, such as events, research groups and scouts teams”.

Spring Day has already launched a rich programme of activities and competitions, enabling students to acquire and consolidate creative skills and innovative thinking. Among other events, Spring Day includes the Back to School activities, in which public figures such as local, national and European politicians and experts pay a visit to their former schools or to any other school. The purpose of these activities is to strengthen contacts between young Europeans and decision-makers, bringing Europe closer to its citizens.

Spring Day initiative is an online bridge linking students from all over Europe and a great learning resource that can make learning and teaching more attractive.

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16/02/2009 by: Alessandra D’Angelo