Press Releases
Spring Day up to 6000!
The Spring Day community is growing day by day. The 6000th school to register in the campaign was Kindergarten No. 251 in Bucharest, Romania, on 4 May. Read more
Spring Day welcomes 4000 schools!
Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium, in Vienna, Austria, is the 4000th school to register in Spring Day for Europe. Our Austrian coordinator, Susanne Pratscher, explains the success of the campaign, offering us a taste of the events taking place at local level. Read more
2000 schools are now registered in Spring Day for Europe!
More than 2000 schools have already registered in Spring Day for Europe 2009. Colegiul National "Ienachita Vacarescu” from Romania was the 2000th school to join the campaign. In 2009, the initiative aims to encourage teachers to bring more creativity and innovation into their classes by integrating new learning and teaching opportunities that are offered on our website. Read more
1000 Schools registered in Spring Day for Europe!
Agrupamento Biotehniški center Naklo - Srednja šola, in Slovenia, is the 1000th school to join the Spring Day for Europe 2009 campaign. In the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, the event aims to encourage schools to organise many debates and activities focusing on Europe and creativity. The campaign is expected to harvest lots of schools’ interest from 25 March to 9 May 2009. Read more