Commissioner Leonard Orban visits the Goethe German College in Bucharest, Romania

In response to the “Back to School” programme, Leonard Orban, EU Commissioner for Multilingualism, visited the Goethe German College in Bucharest on 13 March 2009.

The “Back to School” programme is part of the Spring Day for Europe 2009 campaign and it aims to bring Europe closer to its citizens by encouraging public personalities to meet students and teachers in schools.
Commissioner Orban while talking to students and teachers

The Goethe German College in Bucharest is famous for its educational opportunities. After twelve years of school attendance, students are expected to have become fluent in both Romanian and German and also speak English and French very well.

The college is a "European School", which, in Romania, is a special title awarded to all Romanian schools that fulfil a number of criteria and make a contribution in the field of European school collaboration. To make the European dimension in education a reality the college management team has introduced teaching about Europe into the curriculum as an optional subject, which triggers a lot of interest among students.

These are some of the reasons why Commissioner Orban and his team decided to pay a visit to the Goethe German College in Bucharest. The visit agenda included a meeting with the school management team, who introduced the school and its educational project as well as some of the most notable achievements of the school. In the second part of the visit, the guest was invited to attend a debate moderated by Daniela Colca, Theodor Ricmann and Stefan Wiedenhofer, teachers at the college.

During the debate Commissioner Orban pointed out that:

"The European Union is based on the principle of cultural and linguistic diversity. Learning foreign languages has a major importance both for building bridges between persons and peoples, as well as for developing a sustainable knowledge-based economy. That is why in 2002, at the European Council of Barcelona, the EU member states set themselves the ambitious objective of ensuring children the possibility of studying at least two foreign languages in school. The Lifelong Learning Programme is one of the means the European Commission uses to support foreign languages learning and I invite you to take advantage of it."

Thanking the European Commissioner for his visit and the chance to talk directly to him, head teacher Ileana Burloiu concluded that "such a visit has made a significant contribution to increasing young people's interest in EU-related subjects and so encouraging them to express their democratic choices by taking part in the forthcoming European elections which are scheduled to take place in all Member States between 4 and 7 June 2009".

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07/04/2009 by: Petru Dumitru