European Elections: MTV joins in to help raise youth’s voice

European Commission and MTV Networks International announced an EU-wide initiative called « Can you hear me Europe », which is aimed at prompting young people to make their voices heard by voting in the European Parliament elections next June.

Commission Vice-President Margot Wallström said: "Young people are the future of the European Union.  We need their ideas and their active involvement.  They need to know that their voice counts and that it is important that they become involved in the debate and take part in the European parliament elections."

“We are committed to using our network to empower the European projects that are essential in order to face the big challenges of our time,” said Antonio Campo dall’Orto, Executive Vice President of Music Brands for MTV Networks International.  “We believe in empowering young people, engaging with them in building a future. This is a priority for us, and Europe can and should play a fundamental and positive role in this.”

In the last European elections, voter-turnout among young citizens between 18 and 24 was low, at around 40 percent.  « Can you hear me Europe» will offer young people a platform to express themselves, to tell the European Union who they are, and to address Brussels with their concerns, dreams, complaints and ideals. The campaign will reach its high point on 30 April, when young people will gather in Berlin, Milan, Prague and other cities to shout « Can you hear me Europe ». Young people will then be encouraged to make themselves heard politically, by taking part in the European Parliament elections in June.

What does Europe represent in their daily lives? What are their main wishes for the future, and what do they expect from the European Union?

A TV campaign has been launched on 6 April which will encourage young people throughout the European Union to share their feelings, ideas and concerns, and to express what they think about the EU. Three TV spots airing Europe-wide on MTV channels feature young people hanging loudspeakers in London, Paris and Rome and aim to encourage young people throughout the European Union to express themselves, to make their voices heard and to join the EU-wide « Can you hear me  » sound wave on 30 April at 3.30 p.m.

Throughout the campaign young people will have the opportunity to express their wishes, needs and ideas on the campaign’s website at . Those who cannot be physically present at the three shouts can still participate online, and shout along virtually by posting messages or videos.  Young people will also be invited to take part in the sound wave from wherever they are at that time.
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28/04/2009 by: European Commission