MEP Mikolášik backs Spring Day in Slovakia

MEP Miroslav Mikolášik, one of the most active supporters of Spring Day in Slovakia, plans to visit 17 secondary and primary schools in his country.

MEP Miroslav Mikolášik at the Gymnázium P. O. Hviezdoslava 

Jozef Medvecký, a member of the Spring Day advisory group, reports that on 30 March, Mikolášik visited the Gymnázium P. O. Hviezdoslava, in Dolný Kubín, his former secondary school.

He led a debate on European issues with school students in the final year of studies, some of whom will vote in the forthcoming European elections for the first time.
The students came to the debate well prepared on current EU issues and proved to be familiar with creativity and innovation as major topics of the current Spring Day campaign. Mikolášik enjoyed answering their questions in the city where he is still a resident.

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11/05/2009 by: Petru Dumitru