Send a Message to Europe

"Send a Message to Europe" is the competition organised by Czech Spring Day office, Eurocentrum Prague, and the Information Office of the European Parliament in the Czech Republic. Inspired by the Czech EU presidency, the prize is a bright example of how Spring Day can make young people’s voices heard by decision makers.

Tailored for students aged 15 - 18 from all Czech secondary schools, "Send a Message to Europe" invites students to reflect on and debate their problems, in their local and national context. After the discussion, students come up with a message for public figures and politicians. They can convey their ideas creating audio or video reports, as well as PowerPoint presentations.

In the second round of the competition, public figures and politicians are personally invited to schools, debating the students’ messages. After adjudication, the winner, the runner-up and the third-place winner will be respectively rewarded with a visit to Strasbourg, to Brussels and to the Senate in Prague.

Contact person:
Pavla Šabatková

27/02/2009 by: Alessandra D’Angelo