MEP Catherine Boursier visits French schools

On April 20, MEP Catherine Boursier visited the Lycée technologique et professionnel Jean Hanzelet at Pont-à-Mousson in France, as part of the “Back to School” programme.

After meeting Headmaster Jean-François Pupp and Vice Headmaster Sophie Romann, she joined the class of German teacher Edith Lachambre to talk with the European section’s last year students.

She explained the workings of the EU institutions and how they affect the daily lives of Europe’s citizens. She also emphasised how important it was for young people to vote in June’s European elections, if they wanted to be actors in the democratic process. Five of the class’s students will be eligible to vote on June 7.

Both the students and Boursier said how much they had enjoyed the exchange of views. In May, Boursier will repeat the operation, visiting the elementary Pompidou school and Lycée Marquette in the same region.

11/05/2009 by: Alessandra D’Angelo