Writing is a wonderful journey! says Marc Levy

Marc Levy, the French novelist, explained why ‘writing is a wonderful journey’ to twelve schools in ten countries while hosting an online debate from New York on 30 April 2009. The participants discussed fiction writing, creativity and innovation.

Marc Levy answering questions from his computer during the online debate.

The dialogue ranged over a number of subjects in the field of literature such as favourite writers, the border between fiction and reality, writing patterns, plot building and portraying characters. Students also asked about famous recipes for fiction writing and the steps to take to become a good writer.

"There are no rules for writing a novel" said Marc Levy. "Writing is a territory of freedom - respect it, enjoy it and love it! Don't look at your pencil and paper thinking it is art. If at the end of your life one of your readers believes in his heart that you made art, you will be lucky; until then, it is just work, and work and work again.

Humility is the best guardian of your freedom of writing. Don't imprison this freedom of writing by looking more at yourself than at the story you want to tell. In other words don't look at your writing but look at what you write. Don't think about a publisher before you write the story. And last but not least, enjoy it. It is hard, sometimes painful, but it is a wonderful journey."

Marc Levy studied at the prestigious Paris Dauphine University. His books have been translated into 41 languages throughout the world. Talking about languages, cultures and cultural perceptions, he encouraged young Europeans to try to understand cultural differences and learn from other cultures.

Katalin Domokos, the coordinating teacher at the participating school in Hungary, told us that the event "was a great opportunity for my enthusiastic students and me to explore contemporary literature as an eternal topic that brings people together to have a good time".

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20/05/2009 by: Petru Dumitru