Lisbon school celebrates Europe

On May 28, Carlos Pereira Martins, member of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), visited the Portuguese school Delfim Santos in Lisbon as part of the Back to School initiative. Last year, he had visited his former school in Viseu, and was keen to renew the experience.

The students of the Lisbon school made a big fuss of their guest, with concerts, theatre performances and photo exhibitions.
Lisbon school celebrates Europe

The atmosphere was warm and festive, and the students, both Portuguese and foreign, welcomed Pereira Martins in several languages. He then evoked the main tasks of the EU institutions and of the European Economic and Social Committee in particular. He explained why it was so important to belong to the European community, and said that European citizenship must be nurtured and passed on to young generations.

The European Economic and Social Committee acts as a bridge between Europe and civil society. It supports the “Back to School” campaign enthusiastically, because these visits bring a European dimension into schools and encourage young people to become active citizens of Europe.



24/06/2009 by: Alessandra D’Angelo