Spring Day attends eTwinning Camp in Greece

During this year’s eTwinning Camp in Nea Moudania, Greece, teachers and students learned about Spring Day and took part in a roleplay on the decision-making processes in and between the EU institutions.

Students attending the Roleplay session

Each year, the winners of the top eTwinning projects ( travel to a sunny place in Europe to meet their project partners face to face and take part in fun workshops and activities on a number of topics, such as: learning to use animation tools, conducting scientific experiments and presenting their schools and countries to their friends. This year’s camp took place in Nea Moudania, just outside of Thessaloniki from 21-25 April.

During the event, there was a special workshop organised on Spring Day activities for the older age group of students and their teachers. Sylvia Binger from the Spring Day team introduced the initiative and informed the participants of the various activities taking place across Europe.

The participants where then addressed by Ms. Evangelia Tzampazi, an MEP from Thessaloniki. As the camp took place at the same time as the Parliament was meeting in Strasboug, Ms. Tzampazi addressed the participants by video. Following her address, Ms. Tzampazi’s assistant, Ms. Sevi Moschou, then met with the participants in person to share her experience working in the European Parliament and how this institution works.

After presentations and questions, the pupils then broke up in groups for the roleplay– in all 27 EU countries to represent the Council of the European Union and by political group - to conduct their very own sessions as the European Parliament. They received a proposal of the European Commission as the basis for their discussions. It was certainly a challenge and needed some imagination, but it was also a lot of fun because the students got a good sense of how it can feel to be in such a multi-national, multicultural, multi-lingual setting, discussing important issues - that then, of course, need to be agreed upon!

It was a great first introduction to the European Parliament, Commission and Council for most of the group. Perhaps they will one day put this roleplay into practice! They certainly had a hands-on experience that makes them better understand the importance of this year’s European elections and their vote.

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13/05/2009 by: Christina Crawley