Erasmus students meet Spring Day for Europe

Erasmus is a successful European programme, enabling students to spend part of their time studying and living all over Europe. The Erasmus Student Network (ESN), one of the largest student organisations, is joining Spring Day campaign to communicate Europe to young people

Erasmus students go “back to school”
Offering services to 150,000 students, ESN is a dynamic network for supporting and developing study exchange. Its aim is to foster mobility, helping and connecting young people through a large platform present in 33 countries. This year, Spring Day is inviting the Erasmus students to take part in the “Back to School” initiative. Sharing their mobility experiences as well as their views on Europe, the Erasmus students will be able to visit their former school or another, becoming European Ambassadors and helping to build a tolerant and open European identity.
Europe on the move
Not only does mobility brings about new abilities, such as knowledge of foreign languages and intercultural skills, but it has become a true European trend. Erasmus expresses the readiness to discover Europe as one country. For all these reasons, from 28 March to 21 April the ESNtrain will cross Europe. A  special 16-coach train will visit 40 cities in 18 countries and pass  90 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

A journey to communicate Europe
The ESNtrain is a unique and first-time project. Providing about 700 beds, the train will travel 12,000 km, mainly during the night, so that participants will have the pleasure of waking up in a new city every day, learning about other European cultures and getting in touch with local people.

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09/02/2009 by: Alessandra D’Angelo