Comenius Week 2009

Each year several thousands of schools work on common projects; teachers and pupils travel to their partner schools or take part in video conferences and chats. They create art works, videos and common publications; they exchange information on their country and learn more about the variety of Europe's culture and landscapes.

Comenius Week is one occasion to present all the small and big successes in eTwinning projects and Comenius School Partnerships to the wider public. This year Comenius Week coincides with the European Year for Creativity and Innovation and many activities will focus on the creative and innovative aspects of Comenius activities.

Comenius Week takes place in all 31 countries participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme. Activities are organised by the Comenius National Agencies. See the list of the different events and activities in each country. You can also contact your National Agency for further information.

How can my school participate in Comenius Week?

If your school is already involved in a Comenius School Partnership or an eTwinning project, you can:

  • Send a post card to Comenius!
  • Organise an exhibition of your project activities in your school, the town hall or another suitable public place. You can invite other schools from your region to this exhibition.
  • Organise meetings with students, teachers and parents and present your project work.
  • Organise Internet conferences with your partner schools. You can also invite teachers, pupils and parents who are not directly involved in your project.
  • Inform local media about your activities. Maybe you have an exchange visit or a meeting with your partner schools during that time. That could be especially interesting for your local newspaper.
  • Inform local authorities about your activities; invite them to join your activities during Comenius Week.
  • Check if there are Comenius Week activities in your country and in your region. Several countries organise competitions in art works, essay writing or web design. It would be a pity not to take part!
If your school is not yet active in Comenius, Comenius Week could be a good occasion to collect more information on the programme and to have a look at the Comenius activities in your region. You can also participate in the Spring Day for Europe 2009 campaign.

Send a postcard to Comenius!

The Comenius programme was named after the Czech teacher, scientist, educator, bishop and writer Jan Amos Komenský (1592-1670). On the 28 March 2009 it will be his 447th birthday. In the European Year of Creativity and Innovation you can send him a creative postcard! A "best of"-selection will be published on this website later this year!

Spring Day for Europe 2009

Comenius Week is not the only opportunity to involve your school in European activities. Spring Day for Europe is an annual campaign that is open to all schools in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Teachers are encouraged to book one or many days in their calendar to involve their students in activities that focus on debate, interaction and reflection on European themes. Spring Day enables young citizens to express their views and make their voices heard in Europe.