Visit by Dr. Simon Busuttil MEP to Mtarfa BSS, St. Nicholas College

On Monday 18 May 2009, Dr. Simon Busuttil met some of our students at school, the Mtarfa Boys' Secondary School, St. Nicholas College, in Malta.

He was introduced by the Head of school who stated that the school has just had its first Students' Council elected. In fact among the audience there were four students who had been elected on the Council.
Dr. Simon Busuttil MEP talking to students

Dr. Busuttil grasped the opportunity to explain how difficult it was to be elected for such a post and explained the process on an experience which students have passed through just a few hours before.

Dr. Busuttil talked about the European Parliament, about the voting and that each country had a voice irrelevant of size or language. He also spoke about the veto which some country might opt to chose and what happens when not all countries agree on a serious matter.

Students asked various interesting questions about the work of the MEPs. Dr. Busuttil touched lightly the issues of hunting and illegal immigration. He was pleased how students managed to ask interesting question related to the subject.

The Head of school thanked Dr.Simon Busuttil on behalf of the school.



18/06/2009 by: Franco Ebejer