Scotland: MEP Ian Hudghton visits Balloch Primary School

Rachel Campbell, who teaches at Balloch Primary School, Inverness in Scotland, the UK, reports on the visit of MEP Ian Hudghton at their school.

MEP Ian Hudghton came to our class on the 20th February 2009 and told us all about the European Parliament. He started by telling us about his job and how the parliament operates. He showed us pictures of the debating chamber and showed us where all the interpreters sit.

MEP Ian Hudghton and the students of Rachel Campbell

After he had told us abut the parliament we all got the chance to ask him questions that we had prepared earlier. They varied from 'How many MEP's are there?' to 'Do you get free tickets to the Champions League Finals?' Mr Hudghton answered all our questions very well and we learnt so much from his visit.

The week after his visit a parcel arrived with some maps and pens for us to have. We were entered into the Highland Heat of the Euroquiz and were hoping that the information that Mr Hudghton told us would help. We went to the quiz and won the Highland heat. We all think his visit was very helpful and he was full of really good information.

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07/04/2009 by: Rachel Campbell