Who’s going back to school in Cyprus?

On 20 March 2009 Dasoupolis Lyceum, in Nicosia, Cyprus, hosted a number of distinguished visitors from the European Parliament and the National Parliament. The visit became a great event, involving debates with the students and celebrations.

In the framework of the “Back to school 2009” operation, Mr Takis Xatzigeorgiou and Mr Christos Stylianides - candidates for the European Parliament - and other members of the Cyprus National Parliament paid a visit to Dasoupolis Makarios Lyceum in Nicosia, Cyprus. Mrs Attalidou, spokeswoman of the European Parliament in Cyprus, took part in the visit as well, answering students’ questions.

The meeting was an opportunity to talk about and exchange views on Europe. Inspired by the presence of these special guests and eager to share their thoughts, the students expressed their concerns and opinions about current issues, such as justice, employment policy and possible scenarios for the rising generation of Europeans. The guests interacted with the public in a lively, open and informal atmosphere, impressed by the students’ knowledge of and interest in European issues.

The event ended with a musical performance by the school’s orchestra. All participants, and the speakers in particular, felt the importance of learning from the younger generation to shape Europe in a better way. 

07/04/2009 by: Alessandra D’Angelo