Newsletter No. 3

March 2009

Dear Spring Day teachers,

We are happy to inform you that some days ago we welcomed the 4000th registered school with Spring Day for Europe 2009.

The official launch of the Spring Day for Europe 2009 campaign is expected to take place in Strasbourg on 25 March 2009. Check our website regularly to find our more about the forthcoming Spring Day events and activities.

Back to School 2009 Matching tool is now online!
By tradition, Back to School is a special activity promoting visits in schools. Politicians, public figures and special guests can visit their former school or another one, debating with students and sharing their views. Back to School brings Europe closer to its citizens. Thanks to our new registration system, you can now easily arrange your visit. More

Spring Day Magazine online
Made by students for students, the Spring Day Magazine is a first time initiative involving young journalists from 10 to 20 years from all over Europe. The young reporters have given life to their own journal, a virtual meeting point for reflecting on lively matters such us the state of play of innovation in their countries, or the school they wish for. More

Europeans go to polls in June 2009
Elections to the European Parliament will be held in the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU) between 4 and 7 June 2009. The event will be the biggest transnational election in history. More

Comenius Week 2009
Each year several thousands of schools work on common projects; teachers and pupils travel to their partner schools or take part in video conferences and chats. They create art works, videos and common publications; they exchange information on their country and learn more about the variety of Europe's culture and landscapes. More

Spring Day Communication Toolbox
The Spring Day for Europe 2009 Communication toolbox consists of a set of the following promotional materials: campaign logo, printed materials and information materials. We invite all institutions, including schools, and anyone else to promote Spring Day for Europe and its activities on websites and printed materials. More

Latest Spring Day for Europe 2009 events

Spring Day Online Activities and Competitions
Our portal publishes a number of activities and competitions that may fit into the curricula of all European countries. Both activities and competitions are accompanied by a description, some guidelines, a submission form (Take part in) and a gallery, where the outcomes of the activities are published. We invite all schools to contribute.

Spring Day Online Debates
The online debates (chats) are a teaching solution which enables classes to experience concrete communication situations with peers and experts from other European countries. The portal has already hosted two debates. More information about further debates with special guests are available on the Calendar page. More

Spring Day Blog
Our blog is open to all schools that would like to contribute with texts and pictures about special events. Interested schools to contribute are invited to contact their national teacher adviser for further details. More

01/04/2009 by: Petru Dumitru