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Made by students for students, the Spring Day Magazine is a first time initiative involving young journalists from 10 to 20 years from all over Europe. The young reporters have given life to their own journal, a virtual meeting point for reflecting on lively matters such us the state of play of innovation in their countries, or the school they wish for.

Offering online-chats, facilitating school visits and proposing an extensive programme of activities, Spring Day is helping young people to express their views, becoming synonymous with fresh democracy and young communication. From now on, students have their own channel to make their voices heard. In the year of creativity and innovation, the Spring Day Magazine is an ambitious experiment linking students of different ages and backgrounds, with the aim of showing Europe through their eyes.

The magazine aims to be a platform to debate Europe’s present and future, focusing on Creativity and Innovation. It presents three different sections: in my school, in my country, and interviews. The students were free to choose a topic within these frameworks and were asked to submit an article, carry out research and investigate the theme. They could decide to collaborate with their classmates or to write the piece individually. The result is this first release of the online magazine, a picture of Europe from various angles, reflecting personal opinions, local differences and common problems.

The Spring Day editorial team was selected by Teachers’ Advisers. Participants were required to have a good knowledge of English as well as a strong interest in journalism. Thanks to Diana H., Anna-Maria B., Ferdinand S., Viivi L., Katarzyna N., Anna C., Augustinas J., Amanda L., Sara F., Agnese S., Marco S., Ruomiana R. M., Mihaela G., Giannis C., Alexandra G., Ruben S, the project has now come to fruition and looks forward to readers’ feedback.

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24/04/2009 by: Alessandra D’Angelo