Spring Day Magazine: second issue online

Spring Day Magazine is the online journal produced by students aged 10 to 20, living all over Europe. The second issue of the magazine is now out. For Europe Day the overall theme of the webzine is “Celebrating Europe”.

After a first issue devoted to “Creativity and Innovation”, the Spring Day Magazine now focuses on “Celebrating Europe”. Our journalists decided to showcase Europe’s cultural, natural, and institutional heritage and values. In the section ”European elections” you will find out their points of view on the upcoming event as well as an interview with an MEP. In “Education”, you will learn more about personal mobility experiences and on the Hungarian conference on creativity in Lifelong Learning Programme - with Ernő Rubik as special guest.

Talking about culture, students explore the traps of national stereotypes, the roots of a shared European identity and some examples of traditional celebrations and folklore all over Europe. The pages on environment give evidence of a strong concern for ecology on two levels: European policies and individual contributions. The Music section tracks the origins, changes and evolution of traditional music. All in all, the articles testify that the richness of Europe lies in its diversity. Many thanks to our young reporters!

20/05/2009 by: Alessandra D'Angelo