Phoenix Game
Phoenix Game

The Phoenix game is designed to suit students from ten to 20 years of age. It is an opportunity to experience, understand and promote intercultural understanding and tolerance and to value diversity as an asset of our European cultural heritage.

For a long time people had lived in perfect happiness, respecting the cultures of their neighbours and believing that peace would last forever. They were unprepared when the ash began to rain from the sky...

The Pandorians destroyed the culture of the countries around them. All cultural artefacts they could get their claws on, they took as loot.

The Pandorians worshipped their national hero Dr. Prometheus, who could be seen on propaganda ads everywhere. He had constructed the heart of Pandora. Pandora was a factory, which created powerful armies out of ash.

The ash needed by the heart of Pandora had to be the ash of significant cultural artefacts. Artefacts, which people had believed in and which had brought them joy. The artefacts were burned in Reculturelization Operation Terminals.

A young boy was working at a furnace in one of those terminals. He was proud of serving his nation by carefully doing his job, until one day a strange artefact grabbed his attention...

Never before had the boy seen a teddy bear. This toy, this soft and furry bear seemed to make things brighter. The boy felt like he could see the colours of the world for the first time. Feeling he had to save the teddy from the flames of the furnace, the boy grabbed the teddy and ran.

The game is available in English at the moment and requires Flash.

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29/10/2009 by: Petru Dumitru