Phoenix Game
The Phoenix game is designed to suit students from ten to 20 years of age. It is an opportunity to experience, understand and promote intercultural understanding and tolerance and to value diversity as an asset of our European cultural heritage. Read more
Didactical games
These didactical games are designed to suit the curriculum of primary and secondary schools. The games cover a number of thematic areas from European integration and European citizenship to the European Union institutions and EU treaties. Read more
Decision-making in the European Union
This learning object can be used by students (12 - 20 years old) as well as by anyone who is interested to find out more on the decision-making process in the European Union. Read more
European Inventions and Inventors Quiz
This quiz is intended to highlight one inventor and his/her invention from each European Union Member State, in the context of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. Read more
Euro Coins Game
This is a didactical game which is intended to help students match the Euro coins with the country of origin. Eleven countries made up the euro area when the euro was introduced in 1999. 16 countries now belong. The most recent members are Slovakia, Cyprus and Malta. Read more
Decide for Europe
This role-playing game may enable young people to understand the decision-making process at European level. In the year of the European elections, this role-play game is intended to encourage classes to learn how to debate and also understand how the European institutions work. Read more
Spring Day Board Game
This board game is meant to extend and enhance students’ knowledge of the European Union as well as to motivate them to work in groups and to improve their communication skills in a second language. Read more