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European Schoolnet Team

Here is the Spring Day team in the office of European Schoolnet (EUN), in Brussels.

Marc Durando, Project coordinator
Santi Scimeca, Project manager
Petru Dumitru, School Visits Manager, Website content coordinator, Coordinator of resources, chats and teacher group
Sylvia Binger, Coordinator of online activities and Coordinator of the national liaisons group
Silvia Spinoso, Communication officer
Thomas Maier, Website Technical coordinator and Digital Games coordinator
Alessandra D'Angelo, Web Editor and School Visits Support
Nathalie Scheeck, Translations coordinator
Ivo Šír, Systems administrator
Mourad Etbaz, Tools developer and Implementer
Jose A. Fernandez, Java Developer
Yves Beernaerd, Evaluation coordinator

Postal and visiting address:
European Schoolnet (EUN)
Rue de Trèves, 61
1040 Brussels

01/04/2009 by: Alessandra D’Angelo