The Spring Day competitions address students from age 5 to 20, who are invited to submit entries that result from classroom activities. The entries consist of texts, pictures and/or audio and visual productions. The competitions can be adapted to different teaching and learning needs since they are designed to suit the various curricula in Europe.

My Spring Day film
Have you ever wanted to make your own movie? Do you plan to do something exciting for Spring Day this year? Would you like to share it with others? Then get started and make your own Spring Day film. More
Create a leaflet for Europe
Would you like to show Europe from your point of view? We invite you to present it to other students outside Europe. Design a leaflet with pictures and texts to illustrate the aspects of Europe that you most like. More
Your Best Idea for Europe
Europe is changing, thanks to your ideas. If you have something to say, now's your chance! Tell other students what you think could change the future of Europe for the better, and how. More