This section of the Spring Day for Europe Web portal features a number of activities that may fit into the curricula of all European countries. The activities are accompanied by a description, some guidelines, a submission form (Take part in) and a gallery, where the outcomes of the activities are published.
Play the role of a Creative Figure
Do you have a favourite inventor? Have you ever wished you could ask him/her about the secrets and consequences of his/her brilliant thoughts?More
Illustrate a traditional song
Traditional songs are a great part of our lives, values and cultures. They are handed down through many generations, but they are not always easy for foreign people to understand. Would you like students from other countries to get to know your traditional songs? More
15 minutes of fame
Be famous for 15 minutes! Tell us about the Spring Day events organised in your school and you will be featured on our homepage for 15 minutes. Send us two pictures and a description of the events and share your experiences with the Spring Day Community! More