Past events

Spring Day for Europe aims to enhance citizenship education by bringing Europe closer to its young citizens. Organised by European Schoolnet on behalf of the European Commission, the annual campaign’s goal is to open schools to the European dimension, promoting a strong interaction between the local and the European dimension.

Spring Day started in 2002, as a campaign to better communicate Europe to its citizens. From the first edition, the initiative has grown, becoming a more and more popular event in school calendars and becoming synonymous with participating in and belonging to the European Community.

Spring Day has dedicated each edition to one special theme:

  • In 2003, 5501 schools joined the campaign; leading national and European politicians went back to school and a large number of debates and European cultural celebrations took place.
  • In 2004, more than 5000 schools debated and celebrated the fifth EU Enlargement.
  • Spring Day for Europe 2005 focused on the European Constitution. Schools registered to organise meetings, debates and events on European values, the European Constitution and the EU institutions.
  • For 2006 the main theme was “Debating our Future”. Many public figures took part in the event by going back to school to share their visions with students.
  • The 2007 edition constituted an opportunity to enhance European citizenship education in schools, in the year when the European Union celebrated its 50th anniversary.
  • Spring Day for Europe 2008 was dedicated to intercultural dialogue. More than 300 guests visited schools all across Europe and more than 5000 contributions showed young people’s interest in cultural diversity and intercultural communication.

Spring Day for Europe 2009 is now open for registration!

Spring Day for Europe 2009 focuses on Creativity and Innovation. The rich programme of ICT-based activities, competitions and teaching resources invites students and teachers to discover Europe using their innovative views. In the year of the European elections, we hope to enhance creativity in the European future and we wish our website to be a meeting point to showcase creativity at school.

16/02/2009 by: Alessandra D’Angelo