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Featured resources
14/05/2007 by: Petru Dumitru
This is a selection of special resources focusing on the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome.

- 50 years of the European Union
This is a PowerPoint presentation which summarises the 50 years of unity in diversity and focuses on the milestones of the European integration, its main challenges and achievements.
The presentation is published with the permission of the authors who work at the Communication Department of German Foreign Office.
They agreed to provide us the presentation in the following languages:
- English
- French
- German
- Spanish

The language versions below were made available by a group of volunteer teachers, as follows:

- Bulgarian, by Anna Ananieva
- Czech, by Kateřina Bavorová
- Danish, by Peter Rasmussen
- Dutch, by Marleen spierings
- Estonian, by Leena Punga
- Finnish, by Tea Byholm
- Greek, by Elena Vlachogianni and Linos Viglas
- Hungarian, by Janos Blasszauer
- Irish, by Fred Boss
- Italian, by Fiorenza Congedo
- Latvian, by Inara Zlaugotne
- Lithuanian, by Irma Sneideriene
- Maltese, by Stephanie Falzon
- Polish, by Dorota Suchacz
- Portuguese, by Isabel Fonseca
- Romanian, by Cristian Branza
- Slovak, by Jozef Medvecky
- Swedish, by the Swedish National Agency for School Improvement

- The European Parliament and the Construction of Europe

- An online EU dictionary
This dictionary provides basic information and explains terms relating to the European Union, its legislations, institutions and policies. The dictionary is available in 29 languages.

- Decision-making in the European Union, by Kateřina Bavorová
This learning object comprises five modules which introduce the European institutions and the way they work. In addition to the basic information, each module provides interaction to help strengthen knowledge.

- A quiz on the European Constitution, by Petru Dumitru
The European Constitution is both a treaty - subject to the rules of international law - and a constitution. In legal terms, it remains a treaty, which will be applied only when all member states of the European Union have ratified it through parliamentary procedure or referendum. The quiz is available in English.

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