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07/05/2007 by: Petru Dumitru

This selection of resources aims to encourage teachers to prepare the chat activity whose guest is Margot Wallström, Vice President, Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy, European Commission. The chat, which will take place on 11 May 2007, is about “Taking the European Union forward: The next 50 years”.
  • Communicating Europe
    The need to communicate even more effectively became especially apparent in the aftermath of the French and Dutch 'no' to the Constitution. The rejections showed that there are many different views and understandings about Europe and where it is heading. This is why a new approach is needed not only relating to communication, but also regarding the future of Europe as a whole.

  • Margot Wallström’s Blog

  • Debate Europe
    This website is open to discussions with European citizens. They are encouraged to share their ideas, hopes and worries for Europe's future. The European leaders make contact with them and listen to what they think and propose..

  • Your voice in Europe
    This is the European Commission's 'single access point' to a wide variety of consultations, discussions and other tools which enable citizens to play an active role in the European policy-making process.

  • Together since 1957
    This Web portal harvests news about all events dedicated to celebrate Europe and the 50th anniversary of the Rome Treaties.

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