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Organising a chat as a classroom activity

10/04/2007 by: Petru Dumitru

The chats we organise address classes that are led by one or more teachers. Since these chats bring together key European personalities and classes from different European countries, they may enhance a lesson focusing on a significant subject.

Chats are planned and announced in advance. The chat guest and the project team select a suitable theme, a date and a common communication language.

Participating classes prepare the chat by reviewing online resources relating to the chosen topic. Classes then discuss the chat topic and select the most suitable questions they wish to ask, fitting into the general chat topic.

The participating classes are advised to divide into two or three small groups during the chat session. Each group should have a leader, who types questions. The group leaders should have a good knowledge of the chat language and should be able to type quickly and accurately. The other group members are advised to observe the online chat that involves groups with different cultural backgrounds. In this way all chat partners will contribute to achieving a successful intercultural dialogue on a common subject.

The teachers who wish to take part in a chat with their classes should register by sending an email (in English or French) to Petru Dumitru.

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