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02/07/2007 by: Petru Dumitru

The following chat sessions took place between April and June 2007. Each chat transcript is available in PDF format. Click on a chat title to read its content.

- What future for the Regions and Cities of Europe after 50 years of the European Union? (94 KB, PDF)
Age group: 12-19
Date: 2 April 2007
Time: 12.00 CET
Guest: Michel Delebarre, President, Committee of the Regions
Language: French
Resources (in French)

- 50 years of Europe: The EESC as a bridge between Europe and organised civil society (103 KB, PDF)
Date: 11 April 2007
Time: 12.30 CET
Guest: Dimitris Dimitriadis, President, European Economic and Social Committee
Language: English

- European citizenship: The path to living together in Europe starts at school (213 KB, PDF)
Date: 25 April
Time: 13.00 CET
Guest: Ján Figel', Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture, and Youth, European Commission
Language: English

- Taking the European Union forward: The next 50 years (127 KB, PDF)
Age group: 12-19
Date: 11 May 2007
Time: 14.00 CET
Guest: Margot Wallström, Vice President, Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy, European Commission
Language: English

- 50 years later: What does the EU mean to you? (121 KB, PDF)
Age group: 12-19
Date: 15 may 2007
Time: 14.00 CET
Guest: Graham Watson, MEP and ALDE group leader
Language: English

- Language learning: The best for professional career and personal development
Date: cancelled
Guest: Leonard Orban, EU Commissioner for Multilingualism, European Commission
Language: English, French, Romanian

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