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29/03/2007 by: Agathe Djelalian

Spring Day was launched in 2002 on the impulsion of the Members of the European Convention. The original idea was to inform pupils about the future of the EU and European Institutions mechanisms. By setting-up pedagogical activities, it aimed to stimulate interest and debates about the European Union among students.

European Schoolnet has carried it forward in cooperation with and with the financial support of the European Commission. Due to its success, the event has since been held annually. Each year, the number of schools willing to participate in Spring Day grows, making it one of the most successful collaborative ICT- related events for schools in Europe.

  • For Spring Day 2003, 5 501 schools from 29 countries schools across Europe registered to take part; leading national and European politicians went back to school and a vast array of debates, pedagogical activities and European cultural celebrations took place.

  • Spring Day 2004 had 5 627 schools debating and celebrating the fifth enlargement of the E.U.

  • Spring Day 2005 had its focus on the European Constitution. 6 620 schools registered to organise meetings, debates and events on European values, the European Constitution and the functioning of the EU in general.

  • Last year, Spring Day 2006 had a special focus on “Debating our Future”. With 7 501 schools registered, it offered a large amount of activities and discussions which pupils have been carrying out all over Europe. Many public figures including approximately 150 MEPs; six European Commissioners or the President of the Committee of the Regions, took part in the event by going back to school to meet students, join debates and chatting online with schools.

Spring Day for Europe 2007 is now running!
This year, we hope to increase the number of participating schools across Europe, in order to enrich activities and debates as well as to strengthen connections between young generations and European political leaders.
It is now your turn to make Spring Day for Europe 2007 an even greater success. We are counting on you to register, join the community of thousands of teachers and pupils and share your vision of Europe with EU experts and personalities.

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