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Spring Day 2007 at a glance

29/03/2007 by: Agathe Djelalian

Welcome to the Spring Day 2007 website!
Spring Day for Europe is an annual citizen-driven initiative aimed to encourage young people to debate, reflect, learn and make their voices heard on European issues. Spring Day, which has already proved to be a success over the past four years, is already a fully-integrated event in the European school calendar.

Set up to stimulate interest and debate about the principles, achievements and future of the EU, Spring Day for Europe is a unique opportunity for pupils to meet, exchange ideas and share their hopes and concerns with EU experts and political leaders.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. For this reason, “Together since 1957: Schools celebrating Europe” is the chosen theme for Spring Day 2007.

This anniversary is an opportunity to communicate about what the EU has achieved so far and to intensify the debate on the future of Europe, a future matching the needs and expectations of young generations.

The new edition of Spring Day for Europe will be held from 26 March - celebrating the 50th anniversary of the signature of the Rome Treaties - to 30 June 2007, with a special focus on 9 May, which is Europe Day. These dates are the two highlights of the event intended to all schools in the EU, as well as accessing and candidate countries.

A wide-range of events will take place in schools across Europe such as competitions, exhibitions, debates, conferences and online chats between students from different countries and political leaders at European, national and local levels. Primary and secondary schools are invited to take part in their own way, in line with their own resources.

In order to facilitate and encourage schools to participate, this website provides teachers and students with ideas and suggestions to organise events, as well as pedagogical resources, activities in the classroom, pedagogical games and educational tools.

Communicating, listening and connecting with young citizens in the European Union are our primary concerns.

By taking part in Spring Day for Europe 2007, you will contribute to celebrating Europe!

Key documents to download

- the information note
- the appeal signed by all Representatives

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